WHEN: Saturday, June 15th, August 17th, and October 19th
Registration: 9:00-9:30 a.m. 1st Relay: 9:30 a.m.

WHERE: Kalamazoo Rod & Gun Club – 200 Meter Range
7533 N. Sprinkle Road, Kalamazoo 49019


  1. A scoped rim fire rifle, caliber 22 LR only. No magnums or hyper velocity. . Metallic sights allowed, but no separate class. Scopes may be fixed or variable with no limit to magnification (varmint, bench rest, long range). Additional or high capacity magazines
  2. 50 rounds or more of your most accurate ammunition .
  3. Monopod, bipod, tripod, cross sticks, sand bags, or shooting rests. (Note: rear support allowed for sighters only.)
  4. Spotting scope/stand. (2 are available to borrow).
  5. Shooting mat. (blanket/padding for prone).
  6. Hearing/eye protection. Empty chamber indicators (available at the Match).
  7. Sling use allowed.
  8. Muzzle brakes allowed. Silencer use is encouraged.
  9. Maximum Distance: 150 yards

MATCH DIRECTOR: has final say on safe/allowed equipment and scoring.

COURSE OF FIRE: Steel swingers at 50, 75, 100 & 150 yards. Five shots allowed per swinger. This is a timed event with penalties applied for missed swingers. One hit per Swinger.

  • Stage 1: 10 minute unlimited sighters. Sighting target from any safe firing position. Front and rear supports allowed.
  • Stage 2: PRONE. Front support only. 20 rounds maximum. Starting on 50 yard swinger, command to load / fire- timer starts, engage swingers from 50 to 150 yards with five rounds each or until RO shouts hit. 150 yard hit stops the timer. CEASE FIRE/CLEAR RANGE.
  • Stage 3: Stage #3 STANDING/CROUCHING,SHOOT THROUGH OPENING Front support only. 20 rounds maximum, command to load/ fire- timer starts. Same course of fire as stage #2. Penalty for shooting through barrier wall.
  • Stage 4: STANDING/CROUCHING. Front support only. 5 rounds in 2 minutes on the bottom scoring rings of target #3. CEASE FIRE/RELOAD. 5 rounds in 2 minutes on the top scoring rings of target #3. CEASE FIRE/CLEAR RANGE.

COST: $5 per match date for KRGC members (verification required—membership card); Seniors (62 or over); Juniors (13-17; MUST be accompanied by parent/guardian). $8 per match date for all others

QUESTIONS: Contact Chris Ronfeldt, Match Director. Cell: 269-492-4021. Email: snipr@charter.net