Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our club.  Below you’ll find the various way of contacting the club such as by phone, mail or the online form.

Kalamazoo Rod & Gun Club Location: 7533 North Sprinkle Road, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49004
Send All Correspondence To: KRGC, P.O. Box 19571, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49019

All questions regarding memberships, address changes, gate cards, etc. should be directed to the membership secretary at

2019 Board of Directors
President Tom Fenwick (269)323-1330 Two Year Directors Jerry Trepanier (269)366-8281
Vice President Randy Hendrick (269)716-0140   Scott Tyler (269)615-8947
Treasurer Caleb Miller (517)420-1789   Dave Van Lopik (269)207-4494
Recording Secretary Sonia Terburg (269)569-2562   Andy Woolf (269)377-0840
Membership Secretary John Ceglarek (269)312-8008 One Year Directors John Ceglarek (269)312-8008
Newsletter Bill Nichols (269)743-8401   Bill Nichols (269)743-8401
Safety Officer Vince Lester (269)838-6748   Chris Ronfeldt (269)492-4021
         Mike Tyler  (269)350-6340

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