KRGC is a family club that belongs to the membership. Membership terms at KRGC are from January 1st through December 31st of the calendar year regardless of the time of year you join. There are no discounts for part-year membership. Annual KRGC membership dues are: New Members $200 – Annual Renewal $100

New Membership Process for 2020:

Persons desiring to become members of the club need to fill out the membership application.  The total cost of new membership is $200, including a $25 non-refundable application fee (see below).  The drawing for 2020 membership will take place on Tuesday, February 4th, 2020 by lottery following the monthly meeting on the 3rd (see the description of the point system below).  Successful applicants will be notified by email that week, and will be required to attend an orientation session scheduled for Saturday, February 29th.  At that time the balance of your membership dues will be paid.  The 2020 application process is now closed.

The membership cap will remain at 1450 general members for 2019, and based on past records annual turnover is between 50-100 members.  Therefore, only the first 200 applications will be accepted.  There is a $25 non-refundable application fee which must be paid within 10 days of submitting your application; this fee must be paid every year you apply, and if you are selected the total amount of application fees you have paid will be deducted from your first year’s dues (for example, if you were selected on your second time applying, $50 would be credited to your first year’s dues).  This fee is payable by check or money order, made payable to Kalamazoo Rod and Gun Club.  This fee should be mailed to:

John Ceglarek

10620 Chicory Trl

Mattawan, MI  49071

If you fail to make this payment, your application will not be considered.

Point System

Persons desiring to become members of the club need to fill out the membership application.  New Club members are selected by lottery, based on a point system.  Points are earned as follows:

New Member Application submission = 1 Point for each Consecutive year you apply

Attendance at a work party = 1 Point for each instance

Presentation to the Board of Directors at a monthly meeting = 1 Point (only once/year)

Volunteering at a Club-sponsored event = 1 Point for each instance.  Events include the Cuff and Ladder Sporting Clays shoot, Pheasants Forever Kids day, sighting-in days, or other Board-sponsored events.

Persons with more points will be given priority over those with fewer points.

To renew your KRGC membership, complete and sign the renewal form/liability waiver that is mailed to each member in November.  This form is not available on the website, as they are personalized for each member.  Mail this completed form along with payment to the address given on the form; alternatively you may bring the form and payment to the November, December, or January membership meeting.  No renewals will be accepted, either by mail or in person, that are not complete.  Any member who fails to renew (that is, provide payment and a completed form) by February 1 will lose their membership.  In order to again become a member, these persons will need to complete the new member application and go through the lottery system along with all first-time applicants.  Note that this means you will not be a club member for a minimum of one year, depending on how successful you are in the lottery.

All questions regarding membership status, address changes, etc. should be directed to the membership secretary:

Replacement Gate Cards

We have a new gate system, which is much more capable.  If you find that your gate card is not working correctly, your fastest response will be to email John at  It is quite possible that the issue can be resolved without you having to mail your card in.  If it is determined that you do need to mail your card in, send it to:

John Ceglarek
10620 Chicory Trl.
Mattawan, MI  49071

If you have lost your card, send your name and address along with a check for $10 (made out to KRGC) to the above address.  Note that only one gate card is issued/paid membership.

Guest Policy 

You may bring guests other than immediate family members with you to the club ranges, but no more than two (2) at a time. You must brief your guests on range safety rules and be present with them at all times while on club property. To bring more than two guests you must request and be granted Board approval. If the same guest(s) come to the club three times in one year, he/she should become a member. Operating the club is an expensive undertaking, Please help out and do not take advantage of the guest policy.

Meetings  The monthly club business meeting takes place on the 1st Monday of the month at 7:30 PM at the clubhouse. All members are welcome to attend at all times. Special meetings can be called at any time if needed. If there is a problem or a member has questions they can call any board member.