Membership Application

The application form for 2022 is available below.  Applicants will be taken on a first-applied, first-taken basis, subject to the number of openings available.  The application will remain on the website until January 31st, 2022.  Anyone who applies and is not accepted due to lack of space may apply again the following year.  The previous point system, application fee, and lottery system are no longer in effect.

Once you have applied, within a week or two you will receive an email from the membership secretary (this is a different email from the one the website sends).  A response is greatly appreciated, since further communication will be via email.  Failure to respond to this email may result in your application being skipped for the next person on the list.  If you have applied and not received an email from the membership secretary, then check your spam/junk folder to see if it ended up there.

People who have been accepted will receive another email in early February with instructions regarding the new member orientation.  The orientation will take place on Saturday, February 26th, 2022 and is required.  The cost for new membership is $200; a $100 new member fee and $100 annual dues.

Membership Renewal 

Renewal notices are mailed in the fall, typically in late October/early November, to the address the club has on file for you.  The mailing includes the waiver form which must be filled out and returned to the club along with payment, an envelope for returning the form, and a sheet of instructions.  If you are paying your dues by check, the check should be payable to Kalamazoo Rod and Gun Club (KRGC) and must be mailed along with the waiver form.  Due to the number of members we need to keep track of, forms and/or checks that are not mailed together will be returned to the sender.  For that reason, the various bank pay services will not work; the check needs to be mailed with the form so that they arrive in the same envelope.

The waiver form and payment must be received by January 31, 2021.  If the club has not received your dues by this date, your membership will be canceled and your gate key disabled.

It is likely that by the time renewals go out, you will have the option to pay by credit card.  If you choose to do that, there will be a spot on the waiver form for you to write your confirmation number.  The form will still need to be mailed in the provided envelope. 

Gate Cards 

If your gate card doesn’t work, please contact the membership secretary with the date and approximate time that you tried your card.  The best way is by email at  Please notify the membership secretary promptly, as many issues can be fixed quickly provided that the failed entry is still in the active gate log.  Waiting too long before requesting help will likely mean that the failure is not easily visible in the system and will result in you being asked to go try it again.  If it is determined that your gate card must be replaced, then the old one must be returned to avoid a charge.  Instructions will be given if that is the case.

A lost gate card will be replaced for $10.  Contact the membership secretary at the email address listed above for further instructions.