6 Nov
Sighting-In Day November, 6

This event is held as a public service by the KRGC so the community has a safe place to sight in…

Sunday @ 9:00 am
29 Sep
Trap Shooting

April 7th thru September 29th Starting time 5:00pm and running until ev- eryone has finished, or until dusk. All other ranges…

Thursday @ 5:00 pm
25 Sep
CMP Highpower Rifle Garand/Springfield/Vintage Military Rifle Saturday Tournaments

This event starts at 9:00am. Highpower Programs are available on the gate bulle- tin board and club website. The 200 yard…

Sunday @ 9:00 am
24 Sep
Swap Meet

Mark Your Calendars…SWAP MEET Saturday, SEPTEMBER 24, 2022, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.               The Annual KR&GC Swap Meet is set for…

Saturday @ 9:00 am
17 Sep
Fishing Derby

Fishing Derby

Saturday @ 8:00 am
12 Sep
Steel Plates Mondays at the Special Purpose Range

Event is held the lower range starting at 3: 00 pm .Events for semi-auto,revolvers hand guns NO MAGNUMS LOADS ALL OTHER…

Monday @ 3:00 am