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Winter Gallery Pistol League at SMGC — by Pete DeWitt


The Southern Michigan Gun Club hosts 22 target pistol competitions and practices during the cold weather months. This event is referred to as “Gallery Pistol” on the SMGC Calendar and is also commonly known as “22 Bullseye Pistol”. We shoot at the SMGC indoor range in downtown Kalamazoo.
What we do: One-handed target shooting from 50 feet at NRA targets. An event consists of warm up shots, and then 9 sets of 10 shots within different time frames. The total time for an event is about 90 minutes. Scored competitions are run once a week in the early weekday evenings. Optional practices are usually hosted once a week on a different weekday night.
We shoot at the downtown Kalamazoo Southern Michigan Gun Club indoor range. This is a nice range with good lighting, heating, a nice bathroom, etc.
Equipment is your 22 LR pistol, with or without red-dot optics (shooter’s choice). Ruger, Smith & Wesson, and Browning are popular choices, but any target type 22 pistol will work well. You provide the 22 LR standard velocity ammunition (no hollow points). This ammo is available on-line and sometimes at local retailers.
Events are REALLY SAFE! Events are REALLY FUN if you enjoy target shooting with friendly people.
This is a friendly competition. Shooters do their best, but no one is so serious that it takes the enjoyment out of the event. New team members are guided & supported. Family friendly.
This is all about getting indoor trigger time during the cold winter months. Beginning 22 pistol shooters get good. Good shooters get better. Better shooters get really good. And you will smile a lot.
Hearing and eye protection is required. The cost for the season (league) is a one time $50, plus $5.00 range fee per event or practice. Targets are provided.
Gallery Pistol is organized by teams that shoot in the weekday evenings.
Interested? To arrange a time to try the sport, get further details, or request placement on a team:
Email Pete DeWitt (Pete@iPete.com) and Dirk Wilker (Dirk.Wilker@GMail.com) with “SMGC Gallery Pistol” in the email’s subject line.

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